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At Horus Media our primary goal is in helping our customers generate a higher level of business through digital marketing. When targeted and altered to suit the right customers for your business, digital marketing can lead to increased revenue for your company. Gathering more visitors to your website or social media pages will ultimately open up your market. Horus Media’s business model will help produce a more generous return on your investment. It boils down to a simple motto we share: More views, more customers, more sales.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

At Horus Media, we know that by helping our clients achieve greater results we are also helping ourselves. Your results reflect on us as a business, and so we want our clients companies to achieve the very best, not just for all-round client satisfaction, but also as a beacon to highlight our strength of service. We have helped more than a few businesses monopolise their online reach through effective use of digital marketing. Our team will ensure that your precious time isn’t wasted on figuring out specific target niches and marketing tools, we can do that for you.

You and your company can be as involved in our digital marketing efforts as required. Our specialised in-house team can do all the work for you, or just assist with those small-specialised areas you need help with. Horus Media is home to some of the best Internet marketing professionals in the UK, and they can be at your disposal 7 days a week for as long as you need us!

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Horus Media takes pride in ensuring that our clients are looked after long term.

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Our goal is to provide security for your brands future, by developing new solutions to connect with the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. Audiences can be fickle; Horus Media keeps track of the trends and crazes to ensure your business continues to connect.

Social Media Management

Social Media management is essential in this modern age of online business.

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Multi-million dollar companies use it! Cupcake shops use it! Donald Trump uses it! If your business can connect with audiences online you can predict definite growth. It’s cost effective and it helps you build a local fan base, something that can prove very important for shop front companies.  Our clients form a mixture of online and offline businesses, all benefiting from attention to social media.


Whenever a person visits your website, they have usually arrived there via a path of web activity.

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Of web activity, be it through social media or email etc. Horus Media tracks the paths followed by visitors and adapts the website to be more hospitable, easier to find and ultimately spend time on. Our analytical adaptions increase conversion rates through understanding the behaviour of customers online.

Search Engine Optimization

Horus Media is ultimately focused on delivering quality results to our clientele and search engine optimisation.

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Our team’s collective experience allows Horus Media to tap into a treasure trove of knowledge and practices. More than a few of our client’s websites have successfully overtaken rivals and reached top rankings on Google.

Copywriting & Strategy

Our crew also consists of copywriters who can create and deliver engaging content. 

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Using both formal and informal headlines depending on the nature of the business, our writers make sure that the information your company wants to get across is delivered well. Audiences enjoy learning about a business and seeing it grow our copywriting team knows this and can create dialect that attracts and enraptures potential customers.

Click Funnels

Do you want more leads?
Higher sales figures?

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A better ROI for your brand?

Then it’s a good thing you’re here. Horus Media can help your business gloss over the tricky trial and error period that comes when you first take your company online. At Horus Media we have established a variety of profitable funnels and media buying campaigns; helping increase revenue.

Web Design & Development

Our offices in Cambridge and Manchester work to build user friendly and highly responsive websites.

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Our web designers work hard to make sure your website showcases and all that your business has to offer, highlighting all your products and services. Our designers will create fully functioning websites that look amazing on both desktop screens and mobile devices. Our clients will also have access to the back end of the site to maintain and update as they please. We work alongside you to create the right website for your business, with easy access to social media.

Email Marketing

Marketing via email creates the best opportunities to target the audiences that are of most benefit to your trade.
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E-newsletters, promotions and prizes are great techniques for enrapturing new customers and maintaining a loyal base of clientele long term. Keeping customers regularly updated through email marketing leaves a lasting effect, strong enough to pull that person back your business for their next purchase.

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