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Horus Media houses a professional team of in-house web designers, with a large catalogue of visually attractive and professionally developed websites under our belt. Our designers are on hand to help design the right website for your business. We have a transparent working ethic, allowing clients visual access to how their site is developing at any time.

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Horus Media’s Web Design & Development Services

Our chosen web platform is WordPress

Horus Media’s web design department primarily works across the WordPress platform. Being the most popular web platform in the world, it is incredibly helpful when it comes to SEO and on-page optimization. Some agencies out there offer custom web design platforms; these are dependant on that specific agency lasting forever. WordPress allows you lifetime access independent on any agency attachment. Basically ensuring your access to your website forever and a back end website most web-designers can work on.

Responsive Web Design Mobile friendly websites are a must for any business!

A professional website works across a number of different sized screens, It should be just as fast and impressive whether its accessed through a smartphone an IPad or a desktop screen. Designers call it a fluid responsive layout, your site will be able to twist with your upside down smartphone and fill out an expansive desktop display.

People are always on the move, you want your website to be mobile friendly so it can be accessed at any time, anywhere on any device. There is a trend amongst some developers to create separate forms of the same website, one for the small screen and one for the big.

This however disables a few interesting features you website could exhibit. Horus Media’s web development team strive to make very responsive websites, which can be accessed across all devices. Our sites are singular and accessible, always guaranteeing an improved user experience.

Fast loading content

Customers and search engines alike love a website that loads its content quickly and efficiently. It’s very well known that people don’t have patience for slow loading speeds, it displays a lack of professionalism and nobody has time for that. Google estimates that half of all mobile-based website visitors will leave if the page doesn’t load within three seconds. Horus Media uses Google’s Page Speed Insights to ensure the web pages we design load as fast as possible.


High-resolution images and graphics

Everybody loves HD displays, why should it only be utilised when watching a movie. Horus Media designs websites that support high-definition and Retina displays. Some businesses are suited to higher resolution images across their site; visual images can be a useful tool in attracting new customers. Illustrations, Icons and Logos are also designed using SVGs or Scalable Vector Graphics (this basically ensures that these images are rendered without pixilation, and are therefore clearer).

A flawless Content Management System

Due to the popularity of WordPress designed websites, your site will have access to a vast variety of helpful tools. With our expert knowledge of this platform we can ensure your website will have its own unique content management system or CMS for short. Our professional web designers have designed unique add-ons within the WordPress platform and have access to a wide selection of content upload systems. Always endeavouring to help our client’s access and update their own site whenever they want.

Our Strong Points

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Answers to Your Questions

How long does it take to build a site?

As soon as we get all the text, images and video content wanted and required for your website, it should take between 3-6 weeks to create a standard 8-10 page website.

How much does a website cost?

Our business based websites usually start in the range of £200, the actual price of your website may vary depending on the specific requirements and engagements you require for your site. Every one of our sites is unique to the client and our customers can choose to spend as much or as little as their budget demands.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We have worked with an impressive range of businesses from start-ups to corporations. From Non-profit companies to B2B and B2C industries, our client base is broad. Different businesses require different services, some are focused on generating new customers and sales others on brand awareness. Horus Media are experts in understanding your business and aren’t scared to undergo a lot of research to ensure the best understanding in how to market your brand.

Who will I work with during the project?

Horus Media will place a specific team to work on your project; this team will stay with your business for the duration of our working relationship. You will be able to contact your crew whenever you have a question or idea about the website.

Can you help me update my existing website that another web firm built?

Sorry folks, we only support websites that we have built ourselves. We guarantee to create and maintain the best website for our clients and don’t want to stake our name on websites built by other organisations that we don’t know. There may also be issues in liability of code, programmers can be protective of their code and we don’t want to be seen as a company that steals designs.

Do I own my website?

Yes you will! The website is yours, you paid for it after all! You can take it to other agencies if that’s what you truly desire. We wont hold grudges and will help ensure a smooth transition…we will be sad to see you go though. Most of our clients tend to remain with us, and that’s just because we are good at what we do and we love our customers

Why Horus Media?

Five reasons really:

1. We have and will always maintain a strong professional dialogue with our clients, offering examples, updates and visual ideas as often as we can.

2. We offer totally responsive websites that work across all displays including smaller mobile friendly ones.

3. We house a back-catalogue of over 50 successful projects; all completed according to the clients wishes and desires.

4. We design websites to be aesthetically pleasing and visually intelligent. Customers tend to stay a bit longer when a site is interesting and attractive.

5. We are devoted to the little details on your site. Our web-designers are meticulous when it comes to proof read and fine-tuning your website.

We avoid sales tactics and impersonal interactions with out client base. We like to be straightforward with people and create a professional working relationship. We enjoy working with online businesses; it’s what our team wants to do, so we leave the sales schemes at the door. Our staff will maintain a single back and forth dialogue with you, we won’t change the personnel working on your site, you will work with a specific team for the whole time you choose to be with Horus Media.

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