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Pay Per Click or PPC is a highly useful tool for businesses especially those just starting to get online. People normally click on to the websites via Google, Bing and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Horus Media helps businesses generate a marketing plan based on the search traffic from specific online areas and can estimate an average cost per click.

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Pay Per Click for Start-Ups & New Businesses

It can be difficult to get your business venture to grow and finding the right marketing budget can be tricky. Horus Media  team have a history of working alongside small business start-ups both online and for brick and mortar businesses. Our expert advice on how to navigate the rough seas of online marketing has proven highly beneficial for many groups. SEO marketing is a difficult thing to get your head around, luckily Horus Media  is here to sort those difficulties out for you.

So let’s try to break it down into layman’s terms. If your business could accurately estimate a search rate of 10,000 visitors per day our algorithms and know how could drive 100 of those visits to your website at a cost of £1 per click. So after investing £100 pounds in PPC and a standard conversion rate of at least 2% (that’s 2 new clients per day) could generate revenue of roughly £1000!

Now, this is a dream scenario we’re laying out for you to help you understand the inner workings of PPC. 


Not all start-ups can generate that much interest, but no matter how big or small you are, the PPC scheme ensures that you only pay when the audience searches for a specific phrase or niche related directly to your company.

Start-ups tend to enjoy the benefits of PPC as it takes a lot of time for their brand to reach the upper echelons of the Google page list. After all the longer your website has been up the higher up on that list you are going to appear, Google loves, domains. So start-ups with only a short domain history tend to benefit from PPC and the algorithms that surround it. to

If you are part of a new start-up and are curious about the benefits PPC could bring, then don’t hesitate to contact us! We can analyse your business, the market it falls under and the best potential PPC advertising for your money. We work with all sorts of clients with all sorts of budgets so please don’t be afraid to call!

What We Do

Paid search ads

Paid search advertising is incredibly beneficial at driving a steady flow of quality sales leads. These leads turn into customers which turn into revenue for your website. At Horus Media our PPC team have worked on several paid search campaigns on a near daily basis, so you can trust in our ability to find and reach the right audiences for you.

Split Testing

Horus Media also has staff that work in split testing, basically testing your adverts amongst varying audiences: men or women; young or old; married or single etc. Split testing helps you reach new audiences you may not have realised you could connect with. Our staff uses the latest tools to locate and generate the best new responses.

Google Shopping

Google shopping is a wonderful channel for generating sales, for products you put online. Many companies tend to overlook its usefulness. Horus Media has been successfully utilising Google shopping for years and can help ensure that your online listings deliver the sales they warrant.


Our retargeting campaigns can help you find those lost visitors. Visitors that amble onto your website and just as easily amble off of it. People are fickle after all and it can be disheartening when 90% of your visitors simply vanish after they hit your site. At Horus Media we help companies re-target these ghostly audiences and help turn those lost sheep into new potential customers on your website.

Paid social ads

All successful businesses know the importance of being cost-effective, and we are right there with you! The in house PPC squadron at Horus Media know the ins and outs of generating profitable social ads, targeted to your particular audience. Ads not only increase traffic to your website, they also help with social engagement. Ads can generate sales but maybe more importantly they generate brand awareness, if you can muster up a slice of fame in your area then your business is destined for greatness.

Full Process Management

Horus Media can manage the application of your Google Shopping feed. After this, when your listings are founded we can even go on to optimise your listings to reach more people.

We can work with you to spot any potential obstacles that are holding your website back. Our friendly customer service team are there to answer all your questions and help get your products approved and listed!

Our Strong Points

Horus Media works closely with linguists, combine this with out know how in PPC and you have a group willing to help expand your website into international markets. We can help translate information reliably and affordably to ensure that your PPC advertisements are understood worldwide, so they can generate interest…worldwide.

We make sure that multilingual PPC is easily understandable for our customers. We make sure the translations still hold onto the right keywords and terminology needed to create higher global rankings.

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Answers to Your Questions

How do I know my current agency is doing a good job?

There are a few signs of negligence you can look out for; you can boil it down to three simple questions:

– Are they consistent? Ask them if they meet and exceed the agreed target KPIs.

– Have you as a client got full access to all network accounts? As in, can you tell what’s going on behind the scenes?

– Can they clearly explain any changes in performance? By this we mean do they clearly report their actions and adaptions.

What commercial models do you have?

We have many commercial models; at Horus Media we pride ourselves in our flexibility. We can offer a lot of solutions to fit any clients needs.

– Percentage Of Media Expenditure:
This is our favoured model and the most adaptable option. It ensures the necessary resources are accurately allocated against how much is spent on media.

– Fixed Retainer:
If your business needs a fixed rate our team can analyse and assess the amount of work needed and create a fixed retainer. With a fixed retainer there comes technology costs, which total to an extra percentage on top of the retainer. These costs are based on average media spend.

– Technology And Support:
We are a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner. This allows us to re-sell that specific technology and provide quality consultancy and assistance.

How will Horus Media work with my internal paid search team?

Our wide variety of clients sometimes request for us to work with their internal teams. We can help manage paid search activity with your marketing team and provide first class training if needed. We can be as involved as your business needs, hands on or off to your requirements.

What results can you guarantee?

Paid search marketing cannot be guaranteed! And you should be cautious of any company who says otherwise. We predict and project likelihoods of success based on how your company is working currently, always doing our utmost to boost said successes. We work by auditing your online account against our best practices and previous relatable accomplishments.

How quickly will I see results?

How quickly you see results depend on the quality of your current online activity and the space for opportunity in your area of expertise. The faster you want changes the more expensive your costs tend to be. We can offer this quick approach for businesses in need of it. However, we more often tend to opt for a slow and steady approach, by constantly adapting and refining sales methods Horus Media can find the best results for your money. We believe longevity is the real key to success in this industry.

Why Horus Media?

Our Range of Services

Why choose us? Well because unlike many of our competitors we don’t simply offer you a one size fits all quick fix. Horus Media works hard to analyse your brand, get in touch with your key audiences and create made-to-measure plans to achieve the best results.

Consistency Is King

We know our clients don’t want a constantly shifting staff of people working on your account. That’s how mixed messages are sent and problems begin to occur. Horus Media places one team per account, and the team will stick with that account for as long as they’re required. This helps ensure that our staff knows your brand back to front and places as much extra care in its growth as you do.

Our Staff Is Our Biggest Asset

Horus Media is made up of a proficient and passionate team of people. We want to look after our clients as best as we can. Together our team focuses on results for your business and an open door policy without clients. We communicate. We listen. We work together.

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