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Three big questions:

1. How do we reach more people?
2. How do we get engagment?
3. How do we convert them and grow my business?

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Content marketing can answer all three.

One simple answer:

• Creative, engaging content!

Content doesn’t just include the written word; it includes engaging media like video and audio. However words are more important than most new businesses let on. Sure one day in the future mankind may communicate via images and writing could die out altogether but right here, right now customers want to read about your business and understand what it is you provide. Not all information can be shared in a quick and easily digestible YouTube video, and if you need appealing vocabulary and a keen eye for grammar then look no further than Horus Media.

At the end of the day if a customer is satisfied with the information they read then they are far more likely to want to revisit your website in the future. A lot of modern companies fail to understand the importance of content writing, they pack it with boring information in an attempt to push all their ideas at the customer in one big go. Horus Media doesn’t do this, our content is clear and precise, and we manage to share important information in a fashion that doesn’t overload the reader. 

Once a reader gets overloaded with business terminology they get bored and they stop reading, any English teacher can tell you the same. We keep out content fun, without sacrificing formality and this is generally what attracts the average consumer.

 We’ll write it for you.

We have a team of award winning writers from all sorts of backgrounds. This team is at your disposal. Whether you need fresh content written from scratch or an edit on the writing you already have out there, Horus Media can help. We can adapt content to be informal or formal depending on the company needs, we make sure big companies can still maintain that personal touch that audiences love to read.

Does your business have clients that also need written content, just ask us and we can help with that too. Our team has a long history of generating quality articles used both in static informative web pages and across online marketing campaigns.

What We Do


Articles can entertain and educate the reader, they can be designed for persuasive methods to sell a product or to communicate beliefs and ideas and share company ideologies. At Horus Media our team thoroughly researches for the right terminology to fit your online business. We look at the type of clientele your company attracts and the trends they follow, ensuring that the content we create will generate readers. Whether you need content for blog posts, social media articles or news-based information, Horus Media has your back.

Long-form content

Long-form content is basically anything exceeding 1500 words; commonly this boils down to articles and brochures to guide your customers to the right areas. Horus Media’s  writing team packs in essential information without boring the consumer, adding the required keywords for SEO, but in a way that blends. We don’t want customers to be aware of the keywords we want to add, it is critical that SEO blends in well with the article so that the reader can enjoy the whole piece without stopping and analysing the words in front of them.

Product descriptions

Do you have an online store? Do you need product descriptions that can help sell said products? We can create short catchy and informative descriptions for your products, with a well-researched understanding of how to sell the item best. We want your customers to be comfortable in buying from you, and a well-written product description can really help boost customer confidence in your business.

Press releases

At Horus Media we employ qualified journalists to help write out press releases for your company. These writers are experts in ensuring that releases are sent to the right areas and engage the right people. A press release is essentially an announcement, and our writing staff is great at highlighting what needs to be announced.

Website content

Websites are highly visual, and a good website attracts a customers eye. However the written word is just as important in maintaining the duration of time a customer spends on your site. If a customer doesn’t connect with the words they are reading they are likely to leave the webpage, even with all the fancy bells and whistles going on in your page. We write engaging content and understand where it’s needed most on your website.

Upload and publishing service

We don’t only write, we help publish. Some companies are too busy to focus on blog posts; Horus Media can take on this burden and ensure the content is published across any platform you desire. Our team has worked extensively with sites like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and may more content management programmes; ensuring our quality content is portrayed professionally.

Our Strong Points

  • Data Analysis
  • Business Consultation
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Content Writing

Answers to Your Questions

How do I know that you will provide me top quality content?

Our writing team have expert training in multimedia journalism, many of them holding Masters degrees in this field. We seek out the best writing talent around, employing award winners and published writers, to ensure the content they create is not just good but exceptional.

What is your approach to a project?

We talk to our clients over Skype or phone to discuss what it is they want to get across in words. We start out by learning as much as we can about your business; your target audience, the platforms you want to publish on and the timeline you require. We then venture off across the wide Internet hunting down similar businesses that have flourished and research how they have done it. It is a mixture of these two research methods that generates quality content. Now for any alarm bells ringing in your head about plagiarism don’t worry. Horus Media never steals content from another site, we analyse key words used for SEO purposes, but all written content is fresh and newly created by our staff and no one else.

Can I modify, reformat, or distribute the write-ups provided by you?

Of course you can! We are essentially vessels for your ideas. Once we have created the content we pass it straight to the client to analyse. We listen carefully to their feedback and adjust the content as required. At the end of the process that content is yours to do with as you please. However, we may ask for your customer evaluation, just to show to our new clients. We want to hear your thoughts on working with our team.

Does keyword research form part of your content writing package?

Keyword research can be added onto the content for a nominal fee. Our SEO team is separate to our content writing team and they are tasked with sourcing the right keywords for your company. However any keywords present in content that you only wish to be edited will remain there free of charge.

Will the content be SEO friendly?

We sure do our best to make it so! This is one of our primary goals: creating content that is enjoyable without sacrificing on SEO. Horus Media ensures that our staff source important keywords, that appear as frequently in the copy as possible without annoying the targeted audience.

Why Horus Media?

Our Range of Services

Because we are seasoned professionals, our team are educated and experienced in all forms of SEO and content creation. We have worked with a huge range of businesses, from cupcake stores to digital agencies so we are well versed in finding the correct content for you. We improve customer conversion rates and always venture to beat online competition. It’s great to have content that informs and entertains, but our content goes one step further, helping the customer to make up their mind and act. By this we mean our content helps persuade readers to buy from your store or sign up to your newsletter or request quotations.

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